Morten Creek SEP

Restoration Activities at Morten creek Salmon Enhancement Project

Restoration can only take place during the "Fisheries Window", from approximately the middle of July to the middle of September. At this time of year, all the previous winters eggs have hatched, the fry can look out for themselves, and spawners are not yet arriving for the next winter's brood.

Activities in this category include anything that must be done in the streambed.

Lynnmour Creek circa 1990
Our first stream restoration project was simple - dig out the mud, and place rocks along the edge of the stream.

Lynnmour Creek circa 1992
It was quite narrow, with few pools for rearing habitat.

Morten (formerly Lynnmour) Creek circa 1995
In the spring of 1995, one of the small tributaries that flows down the hillside caused a landslide, which choked the creek for a while. As it happened outside the Fisheries window, we couldn't do any work until the next summer.
Lynnmour Creek circa 1995
Until 1996, the only way to remove the mud and silt that built up over the year, was to hand dig it out.
Lynnmour Creek circa 1996
In 1996, we modified the creek to take advantage of hydrology to keep it clean. We removed part of a culvert, increased to overall slope, and created ponds for rearing habitat.
Lynnmour Creek circa 1999
The new stream arrangement worked well until fall of 1999, when we had another landslide.
Lynnmour Creek circa 2001
We waited until the summer of 2001 to fix the landslide, and at that time created more ponds and spawning habitat.
Lynnmour Creek circa 2001
Gravel and rootwads are added to improve habitat.

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