Lynn Canyon

Lynn Canyon is the pride of North Vancouver. A wilderness close to the heart of the city. However, she doesn't give up her brood stock easily. The coho salmon are very shy, and have many places to hide in the lower reaches of the canyon. Over the years, we have tried a number of methods to capture them. Many hatcheries and salmon enhancement projects are able to dip-net for returning salmon right in their own creeks. We, however, have found that angling is our most reliable method.

Lynn Creek has a summer run of coho, but we concentrate on the autumn run for our enhancement project. Every fall (September to November) our volunteer anglers do their best to meet our maximum 30,000 coho eggs. We haven't done it yet, and get topped up by eggs from the Seymour River hatchery.

When salmon return to our little hatchery stream, we let them spawn naturally, as these are probably fish that were reared in our project.

2003 Morten Creek Publications