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Indian River

Wendy can catch fish

Each November, Morten Creek volunteers head up to the Indian River to collect chum eggs for incubation in the hatchery. Lynn Creek, at this time, doesn't have a strong chum run, so we have been supplementing it with Indian River chum.

Catching Chum Salmon

We usually join with another SEP, or often, the Seymour River hatchery. Base station is set up beside a man-made channel. Volunteers then use a seine net to contain the fish in a small area. It is then possible to use a dip-net, or else just pick them up.

Dealing with the bodies

Once they are caught, the volunteers separate the males from the females. Since the fish die naturally after spawning, the fish are killed, then the eggs and milt collected.

Zo Ann and Chuck taking eggs

The eggs are taken from the fish, and measured. Once packaged for travel, they are transported to the respective hatcheries, where they are then mixed together, and the eggs put to bed.

Mixing the eggs and milt

The Indian River is north-east of Vancouver, accessable either by boat (at the end of Indian Arm), or by driving the Sea to Sky Highway towards Squamish, taking the logging road to the right just after Stawamish Chief.

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