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Taking eggs

Remembering that salmon die after spawning in nature, the females are killed, then their bellies are opened to remove the eggs.

Taking eggs

Volunteers then catch the eggs in a CLEAN, DRY plastic container. It is imperative that the eggs and the utensils used in spawning do not become contaminated during the procedure.

Mixing eggs and milt

Milt is collected from the male salmon. The males don't need to be killed, and we usually release them into the creek after we have taken their milt, so that they die naturally. Milt from two or three different males is mixed with the eggs, this increases genetic diversity.

Milt and eggs mixing

Water is added to the eggs and milt. Immediately, the milt starts to work. The foaming in the water indicates that the eggs are being fertilized. After a brief length of time, the water is drained off, the eggs are rinsed, then put to bed for the incubation stage.

Eggs incubating
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